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Banks came out shrouded with two dancers, emanating an energy, a suspense and an authority. As she got closer to center stage, so the roars and shrieks from the eagerly awaiting crowd increased in volume. A spoken intro of lyrical and into a 2 microphone setup where she innovatively used different digital processing to sing various parts of ‘Poltergeist.’ This girl has been long overdue for a visit to Arizona on a national tour and boy, was the crowd ready!  A sea of voices, spot on recitation of lyrics to absolutely sing along and were clearly going to totally immerse themselves in this set.

Banks -

Banks –

From the Intro to the encore – 27 hours – Banks absolutely brought it to the Van Buren with passion, emotion and an arrangement of her songs which fulfilled every fans desire for live Banks. The production and lighting design was incredible for the size of the venue, not as desirable to my lens, but very much made the stunning visual delivery compliment the chant like vocals and electronic, at times guitar accompanied performances. 2 dancers flanked Banks at many times during the show, lit from the rear creating moving shafts of shadows as their bodies moved and flicked around in a well choreographed partnership both with Banks and the soundtrack to the evening. Banks engaged with a very rapturous audience, both with eye contact and at times reaching out and touching some of the sea of hands reaching over the pit toward her on front of stage.

Goddess, her debut and EP releases, featured in her set with Drowning, Better, Crowded Places, Beggin’ for Thread which is a go to record for me, I drive or down the lights and enjoy this tremendous collection of beats, powerful in their punch and prowess. Her new release “The Altar” wasn’t as quick to enter me, but has almost caught up with the attention I give it, especially after hearing this awesomeness in person. Both albums are worthy of a place in your library. Different in their varying evolved states of Banks creative journey and I can’t wait to hear what she follows these with.

Get yourself everything she’s done, catch up on this incredible ride, more is sure to come.

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