BCC IV – International Supergroup, Black Country Communion, Return To Radio & Soon The Road

New Release, BCCVI sees the release of the first single from, ‘Collide’

Black Country Communion is the name taken by this group of 4 virtuosos, Hughes, Bonamassa, Bonham and Sherinian, who inTogether in 2009 initiated what became a ground breaking brand of Rock. Bonham and Hughes were both born in the industrial ‘Black Country’ (in the midlands of the United Kingdom), from where the name is taken. Following their debut self-titled album, they took their music to stages across Europe and America. Little did they know the reception that their modern but classic driving sound would get; but it blew minds. The project now puts BCCIV out as their 4th studio album.

After the “BCC Signal” was put out by Joe during 2016, the superheroes gathered in early September last year to begin writing their current release. Speaking with Glenn in 2016, he told me that following week would be his return to writing with Joe for this BCCIV record.

Schedules aligned and into the studio, Mr Kevin Shirley (read George Martin in this collection of artisans) brought the absolute best from each of this group of close friends. Already dates are posted and on sale for the UK, likely already sold out.  The anticipation and excitement for their return is palpable.

Right from the leading count in this driving return, this track brings the familiar power and authority of BCC. The sound does not just fill your ears, but, as ever, seeps deep into your soul. Hughes’ lyrics, as always, take you deep into his lyrical journey…

The tight snare intro, a guitar riff that hooks you immediately in, and Hughes vocals to begin telling his tale. The balance of vocals combine with the signature groove of Bonham/Hughes/Sherinian working seamlessly. They are back and in full swing, as if they’d never been away from the studio.

With passion, power, prowess and elegance in the arrangement and its’ delivery, Caveman (Kevin Shirley) pulls from these connected souls everything available in that moment. These fellow artisans carving out groove, a growl and synergistic energy which many bands never find. However, for the few weeks these guys spend together writing, evolving and recording, they blend as the Supergroup which they absolutely are. They deliver strength with confidence and an agility which dances all of the receptive senses… BCC is THE soundtrack for your drive to LA, Vegas or wherever.

Bonamassa is impressively formidable in his ability to deliver his unique blend of influences and sounds in an effortless manner. Not simply taking any single thing in from any of the masters before him (and Joe quickly becoming acknowledged as a master himself), but oozing tones and technique and skillfully knitting them into a signature musical dialect with which he speaks to so many. Joe speaks so eloquently through his pick and his axe.

Hughes described this as a record which he wanted to “…physically shake your soul. It’s a wake up call.” It is everything he describes and more.

Full Album review to follow in the coming weeks, with show coverage as and when dates are announced.

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