Bo Bites – Caveman Burgers

(Lyrics – Davie Bowie – Suffragette City)

Caveman, oh sing me a song you know
Caveman, oh Bo Bites, get off the Iphone, I gotta
Caveman, I gotta review your place
This mellow burger just put my taste out of place
Caveman, your burgers insane
Caveman, your beef’s are grass fed
Caveman, well it’s a total blam-blam

Caveman Burgers, so I gather it’s what Paleolithic man would eat. The place is somewhat hidden on the NW side of Bell and 7th Street.

I came with my buddy and it was a quiet Friday cause we got to ordering right away; awesome! So the process goes like so; pick your beef, sides, buns, and finally type of fries. Caveman offers everything from Angus Beef, Grass Fed, Cage Free Turkey, Wild Caught Salmon, and even Blackbean for Vegans. I shot for the Grass Fed with the basics of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I was also intrigued by the habanero ketchup; not to say I haven’t had it before just wondering how it’s made here. For the bun they offer Baked Bun, Pretzel, Lettuce Wrap and Gluten Free Bun. I went really basic and ordered the Baked Bun. Finally, ending with a side of regular fries.

Overall, I thought the burger itself was cooked to perfection; medium and also the condiments were fresh as can be. My habanero ketchup was a perfect mix; it was not overly spicy, but enough kick where I can taste other things. My fresh cut fries were done correctly since it was not limp like most fresh cut fries; just the right temperature and crisp to hold! I think my biggest “beef” was the bun and patty ratio. I felt my beef patty was drowning in my bun and had to fight through a lot of bread to get to my patty! Less bread or more patty would be my input. I gather it’s larger in size to hold the extra sides so it doesn’t get soggy, but I’m pretty basic.

Needless to say, I still like Caveman Burgers for their concept of fresh, locally, and environmentally consciousness. I can always support any business doing such things. The place itself is like a log cabin or a wood chopping mill. Service seems pretty on top of things and in the end a place for quick bite for sure! – Enjoy!

Caveman Burgers
430 E. Bell Rd.
Ste. 103
Phoenix, AZ 85022