Bo Bites – El Panzon Y Frida

(Lyrics – The Cure – Friday I’m In Love)

I don’t care if your cocktails blue
Small bites great and Gyoza too
Happy Hour I care about you
It’s Frida I’m in love

Tacos you can fall apart
Mac & Cheese Ox Tails take my heart
Oh Bo Bites, hasn’t even start
It’s Frida I’m in love

El Panzon Y Frida has been on my food-radar for some time since I missed the Yelp party here and heard so much about it; mainly it was the best ever! So what the heck where was my invite!? Just kidding, I didn’t make the cut.

Needless to say, I came with a friend on a quiet Friday night. The place itself was rustic with urban street fare feel. Happy Hour till 7pm so we jumped on it ordering our drinks and the Orange Beef Taco Bites and House Gyoza. Both were beautifully plated and the taste to accompany it! The tacos had a great texture combo; mild crunch from the crusted beef and subtleness of the tortilla. It was sweet and spicy providing a pop to your palates with every bite! The house gyoza again was pretty and I felt bad having to eat it; or not! Served in a bowl of broth and stuffed with beet puree; the gyoza had an aromatic punch with a sweet and smooth texture.

My partner and I shared all night so we shot for the Grilled Octopus and the Ox Tail Mac and Cheese; yeah had to go for that one! The grilled octopus was probably the best I had in town. Not too fishy, but also the texture was like butter. The mac and cheese was creamy from the cheese but had a great meaty kick obviously from the ox tail.

Overall, El Panzon Y Frida definitely delivered for my palates and provided a great vibe. I didn’t care to much from their drink menu, but their food was a hit! Enjoy!

El Panzon Y Frida
7323 E. Shoeman Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85251