Bo Bites – Giordanos – Arrowhead

(Lyrics – Weezer – Say It Ain’t So)

Oh yeah
Somebody’s restaurant
Is stuffing my pizza
Somebody’s stuff crust
Is giving me chills
Guess I’ll just write my Yelp

Oh yeah, alright
Foods good, inside

Slip in my belly
Wrestle with cheesy
So much is filling
In this pizza pie
And Bo Bites is ready to go

Your food is a mouth-filler
My Yelp is a song singer

Giordanos seems to have the love of native Chicagoans around the valley. They are known for the stuffed pizza and pastas. To be honest, it’s pizza on top of a pizza with a stuff mozzarella crust; which was first introduced to me by Pizza Hut unfortunately.

I came here on a birthday party and I’ve heard such great things about this place. My buddy, whom is a Chicagoan, gave me a breakdown and story of Giordanos and the history of pizza from Chicago. Interesting I would say and I can appreciate the story and love of the hometown food. Like mothers’ home cooked meals!

Anyways, I get it, but what’s hard as an outsider is discovering what makes this dish worth raving about; as I have stated it’s pizza upon a pizza, pizza pie to say. We ordered their Meat And More Meat topping and yes, indeed it was a lot of meat, crust, and cheese. As a person, who can tolerate extreme diets; this can be put in that category. Meaning do I really need to eat this much!? If it’s your jam then by all means. If stuffing your face makes you happy hey go for it!

The pizza has a hard crust, while the meat added a slight saltiness. The marinara had chunks of tomato which help soften the crust. Needless to say, I had two slices and I was full as funk!

In the end, I get it. I’m not here to knock anybody’s love of the Chicago food scene and appreciate it more than me. However for me it’s like eating a meat pie. – Enjoy!

Giordanos – Arrowhead
16222 N. 83rd Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85382