Bo Bites – Jin Shabu

(Lyrics – Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin)

When I look back upon my bites
It’s always with a scent of flames
I’ve always been the one to sing
For everything I want to try
No matter beef or pork or chicken
Has many things in hotpot, stew

It’s at, it’s at, it’s at, it’s at Jin
It’s at Jin
Everything I’ve ever eaten
Everything I ever try
Every restaurant I’ve ever been
Everywhere I’m going to
It’s at Jin

This is a hotpot joint with all you can eat concept!? I do not see a problem with that! I started with a sake bomber and then quickly ordered. We went for the basic $25.99 AYCE option, which didn’t have the premium cuts. To be honest when you eat enough meat they all start to taste alike!

The meat here is thinly sliced so do not cook it too long. They serve everything from brisket, chuck eye roll, pork belly, chicken, and beef belly. Aside from your order of meats, you also have a buffet to explore. With a plethora of vegetables, noodles, and seafood options you’re bound to find something that tittles your palates. My favorites are the ramen noodles, baby corn, mushrooms, and bok choy.

In the end, Jin Shabu has great service and spot on hotpot meals. For the price of $25.99 or up it’s not bad at all. My only gripe would be the limitations on the broth; house or spicy. Granted options could deter the eating process thus longer lines; it would still be great! – Enjoy!

Jin Shabu
2055 N. Dobson Rd
Ste. C5
Chandler, AZ 85224