Bo Bites – Mango Rabbit

(Lyrics – Weezer – Buddy Holly)

What’s with these waffles, filled with ice cream?
Why do they bubble up?
What I would do for some of these sweets
That made me so silent?

Woo-hoo, and you know I want more
Woo-hoo, and I know you’re mine
Woo-hoo, and that’s for all of time

Oo-ee-oo I just want some Mango Rabbit
Oh-oh, and you’re Bubble Waffle cone
I do care what they Yelp about it anyway
I’ll just Yelp bout that

Mango Rabbit is a dessert joint with some fun and whimsical delights and treats!

Let us start with the big teddy bear; seriously, it’s definitely a statement and an eye catcher! You can’t help but take some pictures!

As for their main attraction, has to be the Bubble Waffles. You’ll see these in the streets of Hong Kong be pumped out in almost every corner. Mango Rabbit has improved and innovated it by adding ice cream, toppings of your choice, and other sweets to entice your palates and Instagram post!

I’m pretty basic and I would have went with one of their pre-selected options. However, I came with my family and they tend to make things difficult. More options=more problems; why make life hard! So we went with the mango ice cream on a red velvet waffle topped with Nutella and whipped cream and Oreo ice cream on a vanilla waffle topped with Nutella and whipped cream; trust me this took about 10 minutes to decide……

Anyways, ice cream here is always solid, but the addition of the texture of the waffles is music to the palates. I mean Nutella and whipped cream and other creative toppings for option makes this dessert a worthwhile experience.

To end, the ambiance is chill with some music in the background. Service here is pretty solid and the treats is a much try! – Enjoy!

Mango Rabbit
1250 E. Apache Blve
Ste 112
Tempe, AZ 85281