Bo Bites – Manna BBQ

(Lyrics – Carl Carlton – She’s A Bad Mama Jama)

I’m a mean Manna fana
Just as good as it can be
I’m a mean Manna fana
Just as good as it can be

It’s meaty marinades
Are perfect in every dimension
It’s got a full list
That’s worth paying attention
It’s Korean BBQ
Plentiful bites to eat
I get so excited
Trying out All-You-Can Eat

Manna BBQ is just one of the few All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ joints popping up all over the valley since 2017-18. Needless to say, this ones been around the block and PHX is just one of the few places this popular eatery has touchdown on!

Manna BBQ offers up 2 different prices points regarding how you want to order. You have a choice of $28.99 or $21.99 and of course allotment of meats. We settled for the $21.99 price since I feel sometimes that after eating for certain amounts of time; all the meat tend to taste the same.

We started with your basic bulgogi meat and spicy meats along with some briskets. I am happy to announce that the marinated meats and spice hit the spot. I didn’t even use my sauce for much. Sweet, salty, and spicy with every bite, Manna definitely has their time of marination down. Though I wasn’t too impress with the brisket since it was pretty plain, but that’s expected. However, the sauce they serve on the side was pretty simple. It was soy sauce and rice vinegar base with some sea salt…yah! I guess that would be my complaint about the food; need some flare with the side sauce! Also, the side appetizer dishes was a hit or miss; what ever happen to the fried mackerels!? Anyways, that’s not much to complain about, but the sesame noodles and kimchi was a hit; I could do without the rest.

In the end, Manna BBQ did deliver some excellent Korean BBQ bites. Service was fast; every time we ordered they came right out without wait. The place was well ventilated, but I could definitely do with more lighting since that would have helped with the pictures plus allowing me to see how I’m cooking. – Enjoy!

Manna BBQ
1135 Dobson Rd.
Ste 101
Mesa, AZ 85202