Bo Bites – Mother Bunch Brewing

(Lyrics – Everclear – Father Of Mine)

Mother of Brews
Tell me what I should try
You know you just opened your doors
My whole brew world appeared

Mother of Brews
Make me burgers today
With a side of your golden fries
Back before I Yelp away

Mother Bunch Brewing has some fun brews and food menu. I’ve been driving by this place so much it was like I just wanted to view from it afar and that’s that…..

Anyways, I finally came here with some friends on a late night. I love the selection of beers and the art on the wall. I went with a flight that night since I wasn’t sure what to order. Beer wise I can say it was pretty solid, but I’m not a beer connoisseur.

Moving on to our food I ordered the Mother Of All Burgers with the Beer Mac and also a side of fries. I had my burger done medium and was topped with pork belly, white cheddar, smoked tomato-onion jam and the fixin’ on a brioche bun. Overall, I thought the jam was prevalent for sure since it really over-powered a lot of the other ingredients. There was a slight hint of the pork belly, but I thought it needed to be more on the crispy side to give it more crunch, but maybe another type of bacon to bring out more of a flare. The mac and cheese were cheesy alright and what I would have expected and had a slight bit of crunch. I kind of wish I went for the Trio with Sriracha!

In the end, the service at Mother Bunch was awesome. They were patient and also on top of things offering up their opinion on the food and drinks. I wasn’t overly excited about the food here, but the beers were fun enough to keep me intrigued! – Enjoy!

Mother Bunch Brewing
825 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006