Bo Bites – Original Gravity

(Lyrics – 311 – Come Original)

You got to
You got to
You got to Yelp Original, you got to Yelp Original
Hawaiian Sliders at Original
You got to Yelp Original, you got to Yelp Original
Korean Sliders, hear why!

Original Gravity is a cute little neighborhood bar joint located in the heart of the Phoenix valley. I rather enjoy the art around the bar and the color scheme worked; grey and orange, I dig it!

I came with a friend and sat at the bar. The menu seemed pretty interesting as I wanted to order a plethora of food. We started with the Chop Salad; which I thought was pretty tame and basic. The chicken was in chunks of cube in different sizes and was quite dry. The dressing was very light and I was barely able to taste it.

We proceeded with getting the sliders; we ordered the Hawaiian, Korean, and Italian. These were definitely the stars of the evening! Love the spam and pineapple combo on the Hawaiian slider; the salty spam and sweetness of the pineapple played well for my palates. My second in line was the Korean slider which came with kimchi and bacon. Yeah bacon and kimchi works wonderfully and who’d ever thought! My least favorite was the Italian since I thought the meatball was pretty dry.

We ended with the Pork Belly Cheesy Fries. This didn’t work for me either since the pork belly was in diced chunks, but was sparingly sprinkled on the fries. The cheese was cheesy for sure, but I would want my fries a tad bit more crispy.

In the end, OG is still pretty new and the service was spot on. They have a lot of things happening and a nice patio coming along. Needless to say, OG was fun and the food was a hit and miss for me. – Enjoy!

Original Gravity
4700 N. 12th St.
Ste. 101
Phoenix, AZ 85014