Bo Bites – Paradise Valley Burger Company

(Lyrics – Guns N Roses – Paradise City)

Take me down to the Paradise Valley
Where the place is dive and the Guy is Fieri
Take me Yelp!
Take me down to the Paradise Valley
Where the burgers are fried and the shakes are milky
Take me Yelp!

After hearing an ear full of this place I finally attending with some friends after a good workout.

The place is dink and dive for sure as Guy Fieri was made known to have attended on the walls. Finding a seat can be challenging I must say so come as minimal as possible!

For my food I started with their Paradise Burger with cheese and bacon along with some fries. I ordered a fountain drink, but totally wanted a beer! The Paradise Burger came with lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, cucumber; I added bacon and cheddar cheese with mines. Overall the burger patty was cooked just the way I wanted it; medium. The texture was fine since the cucumber and the pickled onion added some needed crunch along with a sweet and sourness to it. The bun ratio to patty was perfect! I love that part; however it was a tad bit messy eating it. As a continue to eat looked over to my buddy; I asked what you think? He shrugged his shoulders and to be honest so did I. Was the place over-hyped? Beats me, but I thought the burger was okay overall.

In the end, the burger was decent. They definitely had some combinations of ingredients that would be fun to add to burgers and general. I just went real basic to see what the rave was and next; I’ll probably be more playful. The fries were very basic and plus I really really needed a beer haha! – Enjoy!

Paradise Valley Burger Company
4001 E. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85032