Bo Bites – Perfect Pear Bistro

(Lyrics – Trisha Yearwood – Perfect Love

Sunday morning when the menu comes
Let’s read it front to back and see what’s going on
Drink our coffee out by the patio and talk about the food
That’s running through our heads

When you serve me the way you do
I can’t help but Yelp right back at you

Yeah, this is at the Perfect Pear
We’re eating everything what the Perfect Pear serves
We’re all trying the Grilled Goodness
It’s just you and me at the Perfect Pear

Locally own and serving up some fun delectable food; Perfect Pear Bistro has my palates and food IQ intriqued!

From Roasted Squash Tacos, Green Chili Mac, and Quinoa Bowls, they definitely have fun in the kitchen with this menu. I however can be a sucker for grilled cheese sandwiches and they seem to have plenty on the menu. I shot for the Grilled Goodness; roasted butternut squash, bacon, caramelized onions, arugula, and four cheese blend on a crusted 9 grain bread. Overall, a solid bite of grilled cheese with the extra ingredients like the crispy and saltiness of the bacon and strong earthy scent and taste of the arugula. The roasted squash was mellow, but definitely provided and rustic sense to the sandwich. My dilemma with the sandwich was it was light on the cheese, which I thought they could have added an extra layer.

The sandwich also came with side and I choose the fruit salad; which was good, but man the crinkle cut flat sweet potato fries were crispy to the bite! Love me some crispy fries and thanks to my buddy that shared.

In the end, Perfect Pear Bistro had a fun menu and also afterwards I didn’t feel like over ate. Matter fact the menu made me feel lighter and refreshed. I love their patio area which provided a brunch like atmosphere and while the interior was rustic and had an Arizona western like feel. – Enjoy!

Perfect Pear Bistro
603 W. University Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281