Bo Bites – Pokedon

(Lyrics – Tears For Fears – Break It Down Again)

Pokedon again
So those are my base
And these are my toppings
Add spice like a man
Proteins like with Shrimp

When it’s all mixed up
Better bite it down
Oo, oo. Oo, oo

Not getting enough poke in your diet!? Pokedon is one of the few Poke Bowl restaurants popping up all around the valley. It’s pretty much a 2017 phenomenon that’s swept across the valley and indeed we love it!

Pokedon offers a fresh and modern atmosphere with tv screens hanging from the ceiling walls giving it a sports bar atmosphere. What I really appreciate about Pokedon is that they don’t just offer Poke bowls, but also teriyaki dishes and sides like miso soup and noodles. I wouldn’t know why you would come to a poke place and not order poke, but I gather everyone has that one friend …. yeah I’m talking about you Guy!

Moving on, I started my Poke bowl with the usual split of brown rice and spring salad. Spicy Tuna and Octopus for my protein along with some jalapeno, pineapples, cucumbers, seaweed salad, and ending with some sesame seeds atop. I also went with a house spicy since I like a kick to my bowls. Overall, I love the texture of the ingredients and freshness. However, I wish my option of spicy tuna came diced instead of mashed. The octopus help masked my protein mistake. The option of jalapenos and pineapples was different in my books and both complimented my palates with a sweet and spiciness punch! The sesame seeds provided a much needed aromatic kick since it has seemed I ordered too much spicy ingredients; spicy tuna, jalapenos, and house spicy sauce….oops my bad!

In the end, Pokedon is much welcomed to the Poke family of the valley! Providing a much needed option of both culture and variety of food options in the valley. Let’s keep the poke love going! – Enjoy!

1753 E. Broadway Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85282