Bo Bites – Shake Shack (Scottsdale)

(Lyrics – The Cars – Shake It Up)

Uh well, Yelp all night, eat all day
Don’t let the Shake Shack get away
Eat all night, keep the bun
Won’t you order bout two servings

Shake it up
Shake it up, oo
Shake it up
Shake it up

I wasn’t much of a believer, but I had to try and see what the buzz was all about.

Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed with the Shake Shack franchise and how they’ve done. Food wise, I just ordered their regular burger with fries on the side for my first round ever. I’m thinking what makes these burgers are the butter buns; soft with every bite and melts away on your palates! The burger itself is cooked to perfection and just the way I ordered it. I was very impressed since it’s like a fast food chain popping out burgers through a line, but with enough care and attention to make it a burger to remember! The fries were crinkle and cooked to a good crispy bite. I’m not a fan of crinkle fries; weird since it’s just the shape. I’ve heard about of their shakes, but man my belly and love handles said NO! Maybe next time when I want to splurge a bit! – Enjoy!