Bo Bites – Undertow

(Lyrics – Linkin Park – Numb)

I’m thirsty for cocktails won’t you drink with me
Feeling for Tiki’s, lost under the surface
I don’t know what I’m expecting of you
Put under the building a subterranean
(Caught in the UnderTow, just caught in the UnderTow)
Every drink that I take is another mixture to you
(Caught in the UnderTow, just caught in the UnderTow)

I’ve request some Rum, I can taste it there
Become so inspired, so much more aware
By reviewing this all I want to do
Is be more with you and be less elsewhere!

Speak no easy here, but close enough.

Undertow is a cool little Tiki bar underneath Sip Coffee and Beer Garage. The seating can be a challenge since it’s pretty tiny downstairs. I would say make reservations if you can!

Tiki drinks and if that’s not your thing than no worries; the bartenders here are able to make something that would cater to your palate. I went for the Smoking Canon; a rum and bourbon mix with pineapple bitters and smokey cinnamon. I tell ya I’m totally digging these smoked infused drinks! Overall, I loved it so much I stuck with it all night!

Another cool thing about Undertow is that besides just having the Tiki atmosphere; they also play along with it well. Sometimes it’ll go dark with a windy sound, then crack of thunder. It really puts you in a of sort of a Pirates of the Carribean-like theme park; with adult beverages of course!

Totally recommend a visit here if you’re around the area! – Enjoy!

3620 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85018

UnderTow 2017