Bo Bites – Yan Grill & HotPot

(Lyrics – U2 – One Tree Hill)

We eat Hotpot to face the cold, enduring chill
As the meat burns the grills…on skewers, yum

A flame so bright it leaves no questions
Only marks…cooked into spice on the face of mine

The jig is up and over at Yan Grill
We see the fun go up in our Yelps

I’ll Yelp like a singer…on to the stage
I’ll Yelp like singer…runs to the stage

Yan Grill is a pretty sweet little Chinese hot pot joint! At first, I thought it was a place where you had to cook your own ingredients in a hot pot of broth. However, it’s more like a hot stew where you order your choice of soup flavors along with either noodles or rice as a carb base.

I shot for the BBQ Beef Pot. The pot came atop chaffing boxes; they lit it up and warm your stew to a boiling level which helps finish cooking your noodles or rice along with the other ingredients. I love my stew piping hot; almost to the point where it burns my tongue. The stew came with sliced beef, fish balls, meat balls, steam fish cakes, crab stick, tofu, enoki mushroom, cabbage, and onions. Needless to say, it was a meal all in one! The broth was on the sweeter end so if that’s not your jam then get one of the other broths.

We also ordered some skewers, but I would say that was just more of a flare than taste. It was fun to watch it cook, but didn’t really taste like much except burnt crispy meat. I would say my favorite were the chicken hearts and least were the lamb kidney. The skewers were well seasoned, but if you leave it on the flame too long it becomes moot. – Enjoy!

Yan Grill & HotPot
111 S. Dobson Rd.
Ste. 104
Mesa, AZ 85202