Bo Bites – Zu Izakaya Asian Kitchen

(Lyrics – Wreck-x-N-Effect – Rump Shaker)

All I wanna try is Zu Zu Zu Zu
And a poom-poom – Zu Izakaya

Check-In baby, check-in baby one two three four
Check-In baby, check-in baby one two three
Check-In baby, check-in baby one two
Check-In baby, check-in baby one

It’s called Izakaya, the place is like a gastropub
I’m feeling hungry and your tapas coming in yummy
Try out your food from Scottsdale down by your North Tempe
Yelping you around contemplate before I enter

I’ve been wanting to try this place for some times and finally! I hate having to keep pushing off a restaurant and hearing it from other people! The place itself is unique with a large patio area and a community bar in the middle of the restaurant.

After a visit to Japan and going to some Izakaya bars there I was stoked to try one here in PHX! So to start we ordered the shishito peppers, meatballs, and chicken skewers. All their skewers are drizzled with yakatori sauce. The shishito peppers had an extra sprinkle of cayenne peppers giving it some kick. The meatballs and chicken I thought could be grilled a little longer since it’s that extra char that brings out the flavors. We also order some Yellowtail Nigiri and the Tuna Carpaccio. Definitely had better Yellowtail and elsewhere and fresher, but it does the job. The Tuna Carpaccio was subtle and was laying on a bed of ponzu like sauce. The Jalapeno atop was the kicker and the tuna was melted in your mouth; best bite of the night I would say!

In the end, Zu Izakaya has a great happy hour menu and price point. The place is easy going and the community table and patio is definitely an allure. Though I rather would have a traditional Izakaya bar where it’s dink, tiny, and full of smoke from the grill; this place will have to do for now! – Enjoy!

Zu Izakaya Asian Kitchen
2210 N. Scottsdale Rd
Tempe, AZ 85281