Bo Bites – Harumi Sushi

(Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me)

Won’t you come see about me?
I’ll be alone, Yelping you know it baby
Show me your sushi and rolls

Giving me everything inside and out and
Rice’s strange so real and it’s dark
Think of the tender things that they’re are rolling up

Downtown may pull us apart
But when the food gets into your heart, BoBites

Don’t you forget Harumi
Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t
Don’t you forget Harumi

I’ve heard a lot about this place and finally made my way DT to give it a try. I was not disappointed. Now I did go to their sister restaurant, Kodo, in Scottsdale so I was definitely well prepared to expect greatness.

Harumi and small sushi joint in the heart of DT. I came after I was released during jury duty so I took advantage of my free parking pass! To start I ordered their lunch special, Ahi Tower, Nigiri, and Stuffed Jalapeno. The Nigiri here is well portioned and wrapped around the rice like a blanket; the fish itself was like butter and temperature was warm to the palates. The Stuffed Jalapeno was different for me since I thought it, but it definitely had the texture I was shooting for with crispy cover and fresh tuna bite along with imitation crab. It was drizzled with chipotle mustard giving it a spicy kick. As for the Ahi Tower, it was a mound of their signature purple rice along with Ahi Tuna and topped with Tobiko and imitation crab. This took me a while to eat, but it was definitely worth your while if you’re into quantity. I barely finished it off myself, but had to suck up my big boy appetite to finish it off!

In the end, Harumi like their sister restaurant definitely has a formula for solid sushi in the valley. Its signature purple rice is a solid start, but how they roll and serve up some raw delight is well received! – Enjoy!

Harumi Sushi
114 W Adams St
Ste C101
Phoenix, AZ 85003