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One of most common misconceptions about Arizona is that there is no culture.

In fact, Arizona is RICH in culture. Problem is, it’s not so easy to find it. Arizona is vast and spread out. Everything is a destination spot. It’s hard to “bump” into things in Arizona.

THIS is where AZCulture can help. Our online magazine will highlight different artists, musicians and venues throughout Arizona.

In addition, we have different writers who write about different aspects of Arizona’s culture, ranging from Bo Bites, our Elite Yelper and resident restaurant reviewer to the “Hip Historian,” Marshall Shore to Note Worthy’s Matt Marn to Juliana Brutsche’s Creative Placemaking you will have a well-rounded picture on what’s happening on Arizona’s artistic front.

And . . . don’t forget . . . if you have something to add, we welcome guest posts, as well! Simply become a member and submit your article.