Magpie Salute Impresses at the Marquee

Photography by Trystan Trenberth

Robinson, formally of the Black Crowes, kicked off a fantastic night of music at the Marquee in Tempe Arizona. This 10-piece line-up has been tearing up the country since January when they debuted in New York’s Gramercy Theater where they had to turn one show into four, this exercise in supply and demand occurred just to accommodate crowds eager to check out what was new. This sparked interest clearly shows the solid and intense fan base that still exists for the music the brothers made back in the days of the Black Crowes, so anyone still having a craving for the music of the Crowes is able to at least get a taste with Magpie Salute. Perhaps even introduce their palette to something new. Their self-titled 10-song debut album that released in June has the solid organic sound expected from musicians of this caliber.

Each show of the tour has had an ever-evolving set list that will allow the band to keep growing and changing as they move, and allow them to connect and relate to a variety of different audiences in a unique way. The extensive song roster consists of the Black Crowes music, solo material, different covers, and new songs, so the best part is you never know what songs will be played at each performance, as the band has the ability and the repertoire to create a choose your own adventure for each venue, you just know they show will consist of enough from each dish to be fully satisfying.

They do not disappoint live. They coax sound into swelling fruition without punching the music in volume; this is not an easy task with a band this huge. Did I mention the band is HUGE? I’m not speaking of a just the fanbase necessarily, but there are up to 10 people on stage, but with this density of sound the audience experience has gone from a show to a full magic carpet ride, so needless to say the vibe is excellent. It feeds like a solid fuel to assist the audience in keeping up with the energy the band produces.

They have redefined the genre of playing a cover, into a recreation or birth of something all their own. It’s not the original artist singing the songs, and they’re not trying to sing like the original artist, they’re singing is themselves and creating something entirely new and its fantastic.

Highlights of the evening: Sleepwalker, Astral and Go Faster
Not to be missed: Omission (a band Original song.)
Amusing Comment from audience: “so are they like the P-Funk without the dresses?”

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