From Black Crow to The Magpie Salute

Borne of a co-founder and 2 key members of The (now former) Black Crowes, The Magpie Salute has its foundation set in concrete, no… Bedrock. With Joe Magistro on drums and Nico Bereciartua on guitar joining Rich Robinson, Marc Ford, also both playing guitar, Sven Pipien completing the rhythm section on bass. Front and center vocals John Hogg and former Crows singer Charity White, then still more filling yours ears with Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen providing backing vocals.

Their first performance as a band immediately sold out, when tickets went on sale in late 2016. Anticipation soared from its’ announcement for shows in 2017. 3 more dates immediately followed which also sold out in minutes. It’s clearly palpable, the attention that this group of talented and influential individuals have raised.

Marc and Rich had a great musical alignment in many ways, during their Black Crowes days. In ’97 their work together ended with Fords’ departure from the band. Ford is quoted as saying “musically, we were already family,” even before they met. All in the project share a love of playing music in every sense of the creative process and performance. Drawing from their collective influences, which are broad in themselves, the 60’s, 70’s included, almost all emanating in some way from some form from Rock’n’Roll roots, but to even to greater depths of inspiration. Creating an environment to empower a new and previously unfamiliar space in which to create with the caring, “Pure joy… misery” and simultaneous arrogance and vulnerability, which represents life, as Ford has stated in interviews.

The 10-piece lineup has been wowing crowds since kicking off their tour at the Peach Music Festival, PA, where they played tracks from their debut self titled record. Soulfully delivering a powerful show. 60 dates mean they will have a solid journey with little time to rest, but these seasoned professionals, I’m sure, will have no problem bringing it to every audience and providing a very personal and intimate feel to whatever size of venue they fill. I’m read that the shows are keeping the crowds enjoying a varied set of choice numbers, from various stages in their careers. a 3 guitar strategy sure to keep every fan on their toes with skills and styles to compliment the compositions. Their collective catalog of musical composition is tough to match by anyone.

2018 is slated to include the recording of a double album, but until then, get yourself to see these guys next week, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ. Get there early to stake out your spot near the front.


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Trystan Trenberth is a Cornishman, transplanted from the lush and legend of the Celtic nation of Cornwall. He is passionate about music, photography and combines the two with a unique way in which to capture the energy and convey a story in his photojournalism. His work spans multiple continents and can be seen in his collection of work at Local and national music is important to him, as an occasional musician has previous played several instruments, most recently the saxophone and played at NAMM in California.