Pretty/Creepy: The Dainty Little Freak Show Part 2 heads to Chartreuse Gallery

PHOENIX — Chartreuse Gallery is proud to present Pretty/Creepy: The Dainty Little Freak Show Part 2, the solo exhibition of Daniel Shepherd curated by Nicole Royse. Two years ago the first installation of the Dainty Little Freak Show by Shepherd premiered in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid curated by Royse. They have joined forces again to bring you the new collection of work creating a fascinating exhibition that showcases the artist’s unique and often outlandish photo collages.

Shepherd has taken elements typically considered visually appealing and reconfigured and presented them in a way that may be considered unnerving or creepy, while still retaining all the grace, elegance and natural beauty of their original forms. “Each piece in this body of work has a personality, an attitude if you will with some intentionally feeling silly and playful, sad, or even deep concern or panic and I am a firm believer of beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” states Shepherd.

His style is organic, combining a variety of images to create each work, including human forms, bugs, meat and much more. Producing his collages entirely from repurposed materials really excites Shepherd because he enjoys the idea of these “things” which once served a specific use now years later reused for something completely different. Curator, Nicole Royse stated “I am thrilled to bring this riveting collage exhibition to Chartreuse Gallery and to have the opportunity to showcase this veteran artist whose work will surprise and engage your senses.”

Shepherd is a self-taught artist based in Phoenix who is creating fascinating abstract paintings and collages. His work is included in private collections around the world and he has exhibited his work extensively throughout Arizona and Palm Springs California. Recently Shepherd has exhibited at {9} The Gallery, Bokeh Gallery, Willo North Gallery and Off Madison Avenue. His work has been featured in several publications including Arizona Foothills Magazine, Phoenix New Times, Yab Yum Music & Art and Localrevibe. Shepherd was also included in the 2013 Phoenix New Times “100 Creative Forces in Phoenix” list in addition to numerous other publications.

The Opening Reception will be held on First Friday, June 2nd, 2017 from 6-10pm with an opportunity to meet the artist and hear about his work. The Closing Reception will be held Third Friday, June 16th from 6-10pm hosted by curator Nicole Royse. The gallery will host additional hours on Saturday June 3rd and Saturday June 17th 10am until 3pm. Pretty /Creepy: The Dainty Little Freak Show Part 2will be on display in Chartreuse Gallery from June 2nd through June 17th, 2017.

Chartreuse Gallery is operated by Nancy Hill and is located at 1301 Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix. For more information about the Chartreuse gallery them visit at or for more about the artist Daniel Shepherd visit him at