The Talent of Trinity Key

Trinity Key

Where most teenagers are focused on school activities and not sure what they want to do with their lives, Trinity Key at 16 years old, already has a recording deal and had the honor of singing for a Lakers game. I had the chance to interview her in-between recording songs and she talked about how her pure love of music and art motivates her. She values the gift of music and the joy it brings to so many. While taking walks alone to assist in clearing her head she finds inspiration and is humbled by the beauty of nature all around her.

God and her faith in his gifts and graces inspire the self-proclaimed Urban-Folk-Soul singer. She indicated that this translates into her work and she intends to make her praise of God clear and noticeable to ensure she gives all to him. She uses this to grow and avoid becoming stressed, it’s her secret to success and staying focused on her music. She is proud that her faith has never been broken and she uses that strength to move forward.

Trinity found her heart and spirit in the choirs of her school and church. At only 16 years of age she became a section leader in her chamber choir and the advanced women’s show choir. Her love of music and writing helped her to create her new single Sugar Rush, which is derived from her journal and personal thoughts.

She shared a funny story with me. “This one time I was in a recording studio singing my song of the week and there was a really cool instrumental part that I always get to into. I was nodding with the music with my eyes closed forgetting where I was and then BAM smacked my face right into the microphone stand I couldn’t help but laugh but my intro to start singing was coming up so I had to suck it up, when it ended I left the booth laughing then come to found out my mother was recording the whole thing. Pretty sure that video is on my Youtube page.”

The main reoccurring theme that Trinity embraces is developing tougher skin to persevere in the music industry. She would rather say that she tried and failed than to say she didn’t try at all. But most of it is timing and patience. A great deal of patience. She wants to remind us all to be kind to one another and embrace all this world as each other have to offer.

Trinity is working hard to create her own sound and make a footprint on the music industry. Watch and follow her as she continues to move forward in her career as a singer and dynamic performer.

You can hear her music at:Blinded Or Youtube

Find her Online: Instagram or Facebook

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