The Infinite Games of The Black Queen

The Infinite Games of The Black Queen

Review By Daisy Fromkin

The Black Queen has a sound that I have not heard in awhile. A solid digi-drum beat over taken with a soft imploring voice asking you to “Come find me if we’re thrown into the dark.” Akin to a sound that takes me back to the vibe of Depeche-mode, The Cure, and Joy Division, with a side of Peter Gabriel and Gary Numan to complete the fractured joy and dark isolation that makes this industrial synth romp so delicious.

The Black Queen launched in 2015 by lead singer/guitarist, Greg Puciato (former front man of The Dillinger Escape Plan), keyboardist/guitarist Joshua Eustis (of Puscifer, and Nine Inch Nails), and keyboard/guitarist Steven Alexander Ryan (technician for Nine Inch Nails, and A Perfect Circle) and joined on tour Justin McGrath on Keyboards and Guitar.

Their first album released in 2016 Fever Daydream started their spiraling fall down the rabbit hole of the dark pop sound, 2018 brought their second offering to take another trip with Infinite Games. Between albums Puciato was on tour supporting Soundgarden when Chris Cornell passed away unexpectedly, while Eustis put new music out from one of his other projects for the first time since 2009 when his fellow bandmate and friend Charles Cooper passed away. In the latest release they seems pour emotion and branch into personal pain as an outlet to secure sanity, but its not all darkness, its like a smooth liquid, flowing like mercury,

The aquatic sound with a sliding edge of new wave that surf the dark oceans of the goth-like lyrics with an R&B flair makes you wonder where it has been all your life. Infinite Games layers Puciato’s ethereal voice with a backdrop of smooth electronics that defiantly walks a dark path. Moving from the song No Accusations to Your Move the crowd was responsive as well as willing to flow along and embrace the icy molten core.

The first thing I noticed was the volume of Dillinger shirts and hoodies present in the crowd. The dedication of the fans did not go unnoticed by Puciato, nor was it the focus, It was clear the Black Queen was its own animal and a force all its own. A different sound and moving the crowd into a different decade of dance, regardless it moved them and me to embrace the unexpected and I hope this project remains as a permanent focus, even if other projects draws the bands back to their heavier sounds. 

My recommendations:

Go see this Band. They are mid-tour and its worth it. I went with a friend and had a wonderful time.  Great crowd and stunning energy. The venue I saw them in is very small and dark, but good audio and they are fantastic live.  Songs to Hear RIGHT NOW: One Edge of Two and Thrown into the Dark

Need to hear more?

Upcoming Shows: 

  • March 23 Portland OR Dante’s
  • March 25 San Fransisco CA Slim’s
  • March 26 Sacramento CA Holy Diver
  • March 28 Los Angeles CA The Regent



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