Top 7 Reasons to Participate in Project Humanities’ Hack-a-thon This Weekend

In less that 48 hours from now, ASU based Project Humanities kicks off its 4th Annual Hacks for Humanity.

Did you sign up to participate yet?  If not, WHY NOT??!!

Remember, you don’t have to be a “techie” to participate.  This is for ALL types; artists, free-thinkers, humanitarians, computer experts, students, magicians, entrepreneurs, office-workers, ANYONE!  The magic in this event is diversity and different perspectives.  The desire to do good in the world is all that is required.

Now, in case you haven’t (and you should), here are the top 7 reasons (in no particular order) that you should participate:

  1. They will feed you. This is a catered event, so FREE FOOD!!  That alone works for me.
  2. Network with the best.  All kinds of people from just about every profession and age group you can imagine have attended in the past, and this is shaping up to be the largest one yet!  You never know who you are going to meet, from superstar inspiring students to some of the most influential business people in the valley; they will be there.
  3. Win some AMAZING PRIZES.  Prizes for the winners will include from Fitbit, Google AND Tufts & Needle!
  4. Get your yoga on.  YES!  You heard (read) right!  This is event is not only for brainiacs.  It’s for yogis, too.  At some point during this event, there will be a free yoga class.  Aummmmmm . . .
  5. Entangle yourself around some really cool peeps!  A giant Twister and Zenga will be on the premises . .
  6. Learn some new dance moves.  Bring your dancing shoes, because the world famous Silent Disco will be getting you in the groove.
  7. OK, I did say no particular order, but most importantly, SAVE THE WORLD!  At the heart of this event is Humanity 101, which are 7 principles that help guide us to be better humans: compassion, empathy, forgiveness, integrity, kindness, respect and self-reflection.  All of the projects initiated in Hacks for Humanity must somehow help embody at least three of these principles.

So . . ready to participate?

For more information:

To sign up to compete (36 hour event):

To sign up to be a mentor (only a 2 hour commitment):

Here is a video with Founding Director, Dr. Neal Lester who explains what Hacks for Humanity is all about:

Remember, it’s not only for techies. This is an event where your heart is at least as important as your brain and experience.