Bo Bites – Zero Degrees (Scottsdale)

(Lyrics – Chris Brown – Zero)

I thought you were great
I sipped your limeade and ran this off Yelp
I counted all the days
‘Til I would come back, how stupid was that

Now I’m missing what I used to have
Guess the Popcorn Chicken brought the feeling back
I was caught up in the combo snacks
But now, if you really wanna know

Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking of you, Zero (Degrees), Zero (Degrees)
Gave you a few hundred cents and bought a drink from you, Zero (Degrees) Zero (Degrees)
I knew you were the one, then you turned me your way
Haven’t found anybody better, so I decided to Yelp ya
Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking of you, Zero (Degrees), Zero (Degrees)….

That’s how many Stars I give, oh

With over 50 stores in the country, Zero Degrees definitely has growing formula in the dessert drinks department. The Scottsdale location is quaint and modern with a young vibe.

I came with my family and wanted to hit up their famous split Boba drink cups. However, I was tad bit hungry so I shot for their combo meals instead. They had a fair selection of chicken and French fry entrees so I just went basic with their Combo Popcorn Chicken with a drink. Again, going basic with my drink cause I just can’t eat and drink like a 20 year old anymore so I went with their Cucumber Limeade. Needless to say, the limeade was solid; refreshing, sour, and with a hint of fresh cucumbers. The popcorn chicken I choose the Honey BBQ, which I didn’t really care for to be honest. The sauce made the chicken soggy and after a while, it just became mushy chicken. My sister on the other hand ordered their salt and pepper version, which was spot on with my palates. I got my texture, sweetness, spice, and ending with a sour punch. I would state, I wish they had the option of the Garlic Butter Salt or Korean Garlic with their popcorn chicken!

In the end, their food menu would totally go great with a beer, but it doesn’t seem like it’s their forte. However, my visit to Zero Degrees was delightful and definitely recommend on a hot summer day! – Enjoy!